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January 18, 2014

To whom it may concern,

I was very satisfied with Mitch Thomas’s handling of the recent sale of an inherited

house I owned. Here’s why:

For eight months, I had been trying to sell the house by myself using over a dozen “by
owner” marketing websites, online classified ad websites and my own detailed marketing
website. Because it was an older house, the real estate appraiser and mortgage brokers
I consulted had advised that it would be difficult for a buyer to get financing. I chose to

market the house as a cash-only offering, with an appropriate discount from market.

The problem I had was actually reaching cash buyers. I advertised that I would pay a
buyer’s real estate agent commission, but found that most agents that contacted me had
only one interested buyer or that they just wanted to list the house in hopes that some
other agent would actually sell it. Only one agent actually brought an offer, but it was too
low, particularly after the agent’s commission and closing costs. I also contacted ten
local “fast cash for homes” companies and most either responded with very low offers

ranging from 50-70% off the market price, or made appointments that they didn’t keep.

Then, I found Mitch Thomas through IBuyHousesFL.com. Mitch was notably different
from all of the other people I dealt with. He quickly responded to every phone call and
email and was very pleasant do deal with. He stated that he had access to about 10,000
cash buyers and offered to try to sell the house under a short-term assignable contract.
That way, if he was unsuccessful, I wouldn’t be tied to a listing contract and could
resume selling it myself. In less than three weeks, Mitch found a buyer. I received a fair
price and we closed quickly. During the entire selling period, and even after closing,
Mitch kept in contact to make sure all paperwork was completed and everyone involved

was happy with the transaction.

If you are selling or buying a property in the Central Florida area, I can honestly
recommend Mitch Thomas as a fair and responsive real estate professional.
A. Vivona
Orlando, Florida

April 8, 2013To Whom It May Concern

I was very pleased and satisfied with Mitchell Thomas’s handling of the recent sale of a house I owned.

Mr. Thomas impressed me with his pleasant demeanor, straight-forwardness and no-nonsense presentation. He provided valuable information and listened to my concerns. While he proposed to close within ten days, he was open to negotiation of the closing date. He even offered the flexibility to adjust the closing date, if I desired, as I neared the actual closing. As it was, we agreed to a closing date that occurred 31 days after our initial contact and 24 days after signing the contract.

Mr. Thomas provided a simple, straightforward, two-page contract by email and noted that an independent title company would handle the actual closing. The closing at the title company’s office was simple, pleasant and hassle-free, taking only one-half hour. They even provided me a cup of coffee.

All in all, a stress-free process without any pressure. I would recommend Mr. Thomas to others in similar circumstances.

Allen C. Hale Lake Mary, FL

Mitch, Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the whole process of selling the house. You made every aspect of it so very simple. We never would have thought to call if it hadn’t been for our son. He got tired of us always talking about selling and moving and did something about it.

You made it very easy and enjoyable. No waiting weeks for all the paperwork to go through. Two weeks, that all it took. You handled everything and we were able to sit back and relax with no worries.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone interested in selling their home, in fact we already have. Once again thanks for making it so easy for us to start our semi-retirement.


Brian Buckingham
Clermont, FL


…”My husband and I had just refinanced our house and long story short, we couldn’t afford our new monthly payment.  We recieved a letter from I Buy Houses Fl and in less than 2 weeks, they took over our payments and gave us cash towards another house that we could afford.  When the house sold, the loan was paid off as promised and our credit was saved.  They (Mitchell) dealt with us in a professional manor and did exactly what they promised.  I would highly recommend I Buy Houses Fl to anyone who needs to sell their house quickly.”

B. Adams- Poinciana, FL


“Mitchell Thomas is a very nice guy.  He did everything he said he would do also took care of my son that he let stay on property a little longer.”

Thank you Mitchell,
R. Harnage–Winter Haven, Fl


Mr Mitchell is very kind, patient and he kept me informed during the period he was buying my house.  He did what he said he would do.  He waited till my divorce was final and then bought my house.  I would highly recommend him to anyone selling their house.

Debra A. Samuels-Lake Wales, Fl


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